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Abbasubi is a family word for Charles.  It was invented by his mother, Joan Mister, when he and his brother were little. The word is used to distract children away from mischief in a creative and fun way. Joan used it with her children and now uses it with her grandchildren.

We want Abbasubi to continue to be a part of our family and to continue that spirit of playfulness that it represents.

For now, Abbasubi represents an idea, that we would like to develop with your help. The idea is to create positive moments in the lives of children and as they interact with their parents and caretakers.


"Fati and Charles rocked Nina's birthday party! The great energy they displayed put everyone to dance -kids and adults, Spanish- and non-Spanish-speakers alike. And Nina was rockstar-shocked to see one of her favorite characters -Conejito Teo- perform for her. We all had so much fun!"

Anna and Alberto, parents to two-year-old Nina

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