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In May 2008, we had just gotten back from living for 5 months in Argentina, near Fati's family and friends and we wanted Chloe and Kylen to continue hearing and speaking Spanish. We decided to go to Prospect Park, a wonderful park in Brooklyn, to sing popular children's songs in Spanish and invite spanish speaking and bilingual families to join with us.
Every Sunday in August, we got up and out of the house early with Chloe, who was then 2 and Kylen who was 16 months old. We brought a guitar, blankets to sit on, puppets, shakers, a "good" wolf mask, steering wheels made of paper plates, and other things for the kids to play with. It was kind of like moving every week but we did it happily. We were really happy that each week more and more families came to sing with us.
What we did in the park was pretty much what we do at home: sing and dance with our children, and if other families enjoyed it we thought it would be nice to record a CD and share it with them.

Making the CD was really a huge amount of work but it was worth it. We made time after we were done with our daily responsibilities which usually ended around 10pm. We really enjoyed the process of putting together a team of people to help us with our project, and apart from being very professional and good at what they do, they became friends. Our most dedicated fans are Chloe and Kylen. They already know all the songs, all the dance steps and all the characters and stories on the CD!

We invite you to take a listen to our songs, to be a part of this community of mothers and fathers intersted en providing a wonderful childhood for their children and we hope that "El Baile Del Sombrero" you'll help us by sharing our songs with others!


"Fati and Charles rocked Nina's birthday party! The great energy they displayed put everyone to dance -kids and adults, Spanish- and non-Spanish-speakers alike. And Nina was rockstar-shocked to see one of her favorite characters -Conejito Teo- perform for her. We all had so much fun!"

Anna and Alberto, parents to two-year-old Nina

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